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What is 'Cerakote' and why is it becoming popular for golf club refurbishment and customisation%3F

Where did Cerakote originate?

Cerakote was developed in the US in 1984 and is a subsidiary of NIC Industries

What is Cerakote?

Its a ceramic and polymer coating, which is sprayed onto hard surfaces, before being oven cured, to create a decorative and durable, abrasion resistant finish. The Cerakote brand has become the leading thin ceramic coating in the world, and is used by manufacturers in dozens of industries including automotive, firearms, sunglasses, watches.... and recently golf.

Why is it becoming so popular in the golf industry?

Golfers appetite for personalised playing gear inspires club customisers and refurbishers, to use Cerakote to add that touch of individualism to the previously 'stock' clubs in their bag. Traditional chrome and dark grey club heads become a standout 'black'.

In fact Cerakote is available in many colours - so there is the potential to create any number of designs and patterns. 

Here at ukusedgolfclubs.co.uk we use the Cerakote Elite Series formula on all of the iron sets and wedge's because it has the highest resistance to abrasion..... and we use either the Elite Series, an/or the H Series formulae (which includes a larger choice of colours) for putters. 

The manufacturer of Cerakote completes a full battery of ASTM tests on samples from 'each and every batch' of Cerakote it produces. This ensures that the club that you buy from us, has been refinished with a substance that performs to the highest standard possible.... every time!  

Cerakote is tough (not as tough as chrome plating though).... but still really tough....take a look at the tests in these video's to see just how durable it is. 

Much cheaper than buying a new set of clubs!

Refurbishing putters and irons with Cerakote is an economically attractive solution to golfers who cant afford new clubs and prefer different colour option....Our customers tell us things like......

'I love this putter I and dont want to just throw it out',''but its worn'......so we Cerakote it. 
'I want some new clubs but they are so expensive'.....so we Cerakote their old set 
'I want something no one else at the club has'....so we Cerakote and customise too 

Cerakote has a unique mix of properties that make it ideal for the golf industry because it is.... 
           • An inexpensive way to return clubs to a refurbished 'new' condition
           • Comes in many different colours
           • Outperforms all the other alternatives except hard chrome and irons/steel, due to its abrasion & corrosion                             resistance, impact strength and hardness

Happy customers make us happy too so we do it cheaper and faster than anyone else can.... just check out the results... 
what do you think? 

Cerakoting ....... The 8 step process!

  • The clubs are dismantled (heads separated from the the shafts)
  • The existing finish on the heads is removed, and they are de-dinged and re-shaped (if necessary)
  • The heads are then blasted with aluminium oxide to provide a key for the Cerakote
  • After that the heads are baked in the oven to remove any remaining moisture
  • The heads are then Cerakoted
  • Then immediately returned to the oven and baked to cure
  • After cooling down the stampings are painted in the colours of choice
  • Finally the clubs are then re-built
Cerakote Putters & Irons
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