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Black Oxide, Polish or Soft Satin


Prices start from £45.99 for an Anser type blade putter such as the older model Scotty Cameron Newport series, or a Wilson 8802. Please let me know what putter you have by using the contact form at the bottom of the page, and I will get back to you with a quote.

This finish can be applied to all steel putters (stainless or carbon).  Below is a vintage Callaway model, in polished black oxide (carbon steel).






.......and a soft satin sheen finish on a classic carbon steel Scotty Cameron Circa 62 below.





Depending on the constitution of the metal of any particular putter, the final colour will vary between a mid grey to a dark black. An example of dark grey/charcoal effect on the putter below.




........and brighter cleaner, almost transluscent look on the Ping B60 below.





The Process

As soon as the putter arrives here we get to work removing all the dings, dents, scratches and abrasions. The old finish might need to be completely removed depending on the putter.

Only when we are sure there is nothing untoward on any of the facets, does the finishing begin.

After the satin sheen or polish is nice and even, we apply the black oxide before we consult your email, and begin painting the club in the colours you specified.

24hrs later, its ready to wing its way back to you..........but first we send you an email with your putter pictured from all sides, to make sure you are happy.

When you confirm all is well we ship it back FREE if you live on the UK Mainland.......EASY!!



Q: Do you need to see pictures of my putter before I send it to you?

A: Yes, we need to have a look at it so we can determine if everything is fine for you to send it to us. Occasionally a putter is just too far gone, for instance, if some of the letter stampings are badly damaged, or the putter is just too out of shape.


Q: How long does it take from the time you receive my putter before you return it to me?

A: We have 4 full-time refinishers here, so 90% of the time your putter will be worked on as soon as it arrives. We only need a couple of days with it, but we ask you to allow 7 days from the time we receive it to the day its sent back to you, but most often its sooner than that.


Q: Do I get to see my putter to make sure I like it before you return it to me?

A: Yes, we email pictures of it to you to make sure you are happy with it, before sending it back to you.


Q: How do I get my putter to you?

A: You can send it to us by any of the courier companies, we find Hermes to be the cheapest. Please be sure to package it securely wrapped in bubble wrap or in a box to be sure it gets to us safe and sound.

To: ukusedgolfclubs
      Albion Cottage
      Halton Fen,
      Halton Holegate,
      nr Spilsby,
      PE23 5BE

Please keep a record of the tracking number on your parcels despatch label. Also, please include a note in your parcel with your email address, address with postcode and a mobile number if you have one.

Q: How long with the finish last?

A: If you take care of your putter by keeping it in a soft head cover after use. If you dry it and wipe off any dirt after a round, and dont bang it on anything in the golf bag, the finish lasts indefinitely.


What do I do now?


Just drop us a line using the contact form below. Let us know that you have a putter you would like refurbishing.

Include the make and model of the putter.

We will reply to you within 1 working day, and then you can send us the pictures of your putter(s).

Once we have taken a look at the pics, we ask you to make payment.

You can hit the buy button on this page, we can send you a Paypal invoice (to your registered Paypal email address), or we will give you our bank details.