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Use code GIMME10OFF at checkout for 10% OFF all orders over £50
Use code GIMME10OFF at checkout for 10% OFF all orders over £50


About Us was formed in 2015 by me Mark Holloway 

We are a family run business, a small company. 

There is my wife Tracy who is always by my side, she is the person who overseas the admin. Our son Marcus also works with us in the office, mainly on the website.

Tracy and I work 7 days per week trying to get things done (and have done for years).



Knowing that not everyone can spend many hundreds of £££'s on new clubs, shouldn't mean they cant still have good quality equipment....... and with such a huge amount of used clubs available, I wanted to increase the quality and quantity of those clubs.

I had a strong feeling that if I managed to do that we would be ok.

This led me to a simple aim.



Is and has always been, to sell each & every used golf club in a consistently better condition than the competition.



To do that I had to hire some re-finishers.

Now every club that comes into us, and goes live on the website has been refurbished at least in some way.

  • We take out as many dings and abrasions as possible

  • We check shafts and grips for soundness and replace as necessary

  • We clean and recondition the heads of irons to closely match the manufacturers original finish 

  • Most importantly, we price lower than our competitors every time, and where condition is concerned we wont be beaten

So far I think we are getting some things right.

More jobs have been created.


Office staff numbers have risen to 7. Re-finishers are now up to 4, (with a couple doubling up in stores).

Over the 4 years since we started, sales growth has been 20%+ each year (and 25% in the last 12 months, (as I write this in Sept 2019).

  • The clubs on the website now exceed 14,000.

  • Previous customers number over 17,000.



I want us to constantly improve everything, the quality of the clubs, the speed of despatch, even the pictures we take.

I want our customers to trust us to deliver on our promises.... and will keep trying to earn that trust by.


  • Supplying the best condition used club we can, sold at at the best price we can

  • Being courteous in our dealings with everyone

  • By despatching fast (and FREE where possible) 

  • By offering a fair price for those who want to sell their clubs to us or trade in


We have a long way to go to becoming better than all the rest, so please tell us if we did something wrong

We always want to improve.


Best regards