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NEW Newsletter Subscribers ONLY offer with 12% OFF. Check out at the Weekly Newsletter for the discount code to see selected clubs at the best prices.😁
NEW Newsletter Subscribers ONLY offer with 12% OFF. Check out at the Weekly Newsletter for the discount code to see selected clubs at the best prices.😁


Its about you test



Open letter....Dear Customer

 "We do all we can to offer you the club YOU need......... at a reduced price.........that's delivered to you in the fastest time........a club that you are NOT obligated to keep but, if you do, can be traded back in to us (for a great price) against any subsequent purchase, within one year".

Its super important to us that you realise there is absolutely no financial risk when you buy something here. We've got you covered .......with a returns policy and trade-in offer thats the best in the business..........

We are also the cheapest, the fastest delivering, and the fairest seller in the used golf equipment industry..

WHY?..........because IT REALLY IS ALL ABOUT YOU, our customer, the person who chose to buy from us...... and we dont take that for fact, if you aren't delighted then we want to know why?



Years ago a columnist named Whit Hobbs wrote

 "Success is waking up in the morning, whoever you are, however old or young, and bounding out of bed because there's something out there that you love to do, that you believe in, that you're good at -- something that's bigger than you are, and you can't hardly wait to get at it again today."

 Its not quite that yippadeee doo daa for me, but that quote IS significant ........pleasing people, getting great feedback, winning new customers and making new friends and acquaintances is fun (and a bit addictive).

Its imprinted in our companies DNA to give you what you want, and to do it better than everyone else does.

Our everyday purpose is to please customers.

My work is fun...... but,' work' is the wrong word to describe my job....  'sport' fits better, because every day I can 'compete!

Whether that competition is in striving to raise our clubs standard of finish, or by giving better customer service, by lowering prices, by speeding up and streamlining our website, by customising clubs, improving the performance of our advertising..... or just finding another 'fan'............. whatever it may be...... Its an obsession to do it well.



 Another OBSESSION.... is that WE take all the risks (as mentioned previously), so.......

  •  If the club is not as good as you expected it to be its our fault
  • It doesn't get delivered when you expected, its our fault
  • If anything goes wrong WE LOSE OUR MONEY.............YOU DONT LOSE YOURS!

There is  ZERO RISK for you, because we assume it all.

Sooooooooooo, NEW for 2020, if you are a UK customer you can ..........Buy It..........Try It...........and Send It Back if you dont like it, within 30 days for a NO QUIBBLE refund.

No-one else in the industry offers anything like this to their customers.



Also there is the customary price promise..........with a'twist'.

If you buy something off us, and see the same advertised  for less by another major online golf retailer (and in comparable condition, it cant be a sack of toot) we will refund the difference (and by way of an apology send you some golf balls).

Not to blow the trumpet too loudly............ but we are also really proud of our Trade-in policy too.

If you've outgrown what you bought off us previously, and you want to trade it in, we will give you half what you paid for it against something else (within 1 year of purchase).



and there is more......

YOU dont need to pay the price you see advertised on the website for ANYTHING above £35.00.... and that's because you have bought something before.

You get a discount of either 20%.......or 22%......or 25% off the advertised price (depending on what you spend) by adding the particular discount code on your order at checkout before you pay........ we cut our margins to the bone.



......and how good are our prices anyway?

Please decide for yourself.

Why not browse online, and compare ours against the prices charged by other used golf equipment retailers, we are already cheaper (single iron prices are the exception).....

Remember though, we refurbish our clubs (in part or in full)............. but the other retailers do very little checking, no tidying up, and certainly no refurbishing of the clubs they sell......some even sell them with free 'dirt' would you believe.....Take a look about if you dont believe me.

Substandard items are not included on the website, they are disposed of elsewhere.



 ............and thats not all.

We are happy to give away stuff others retailers charge

FREE NEXT DAY Delivery to UK mainland addresses (when ordered before 10.30am, otherwise it will arrive the day after).

FREE used golf balls sent with order (when we have an excess of them)

FREE lengthening or shortening of any club(s) if required (with order)

FREE stampings repaint on any purchase if you prefer your own colours 



Then there are the standards we set for ourselves!

Did you know that when you buy a club from us (whether it be for £10.00 or for £100's) its been through our workshops to be quality checked, tidied or completely refinished.

If its an iron or an iron set, we take the battle scars off the heads for a smart look. We check shafts and grips, and replace with fresh ones where necessary (this year we are planning to repaint all the stampings, on all the new stuff coming through but we are not quite there yet.)

If its a driver, fairway wood or hybrid, we refurbish the face (as long as its not a black faced one). We then repaint the grooves, and do the same with the stampings on the sole........... and even touch in those annoying little paint chips on the crown.

The clubs dont look new, but they do look pretty nice if I say so myself:-).

Most putters get special attention........  a refurbished head that has been given a satin or polished finish, black oxide treatment sometimes..... and Cerakote or plating depending on the value.

The heads really do look new on the later ones mentioned.



So there you go. If choice is important to you, there are 15,000+ clubs in stock............ if its important to you to save money on your purchases, there are discounts to use.......and if you care about the 'look' of the clubs in your bag, you are in the right place too.

All round is there anyone else that does all that for their customers? NO, NOT THAT I KNOW OF ANYWAY...........(if you find any that do, please let me know and together we will beat them too).






P.S If we dont live up to these claims let me know, if we are beaten by anyone else on price or quality, let me know, if you can see a way we can improve further I would love to hear from you......