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NEW Newsletter Subscribers ONLY offer with 12% OFF. Check out at the Weekly Newsletter for the discount code to see selected clubs at the best prices.😁
NEW Newsletter Subscribers ONLY offer with 12% OFF. Check out at the Weekly Newsletter for the discount code to see selected clubs at the best prices.😁


Affiliates Program

 Affiliates Program



Simply put, its a..........

  • Way to earn commission....... by adding your own branded links to your website, by promoting on your social media page, and by telling your golfing friends 


  • RISK FREE, enjoyable way to earn extra cash.
  • ....and its easy (please read on, or just scroll down to watch the video)!


Getting Started

When chatting to your mates just tell them to shop here, and then email them your own personal 'Branded Link' to our shop (more about what a Branded Link is in the text below).

Its like having your own e-commerce business,with 1000's of products to earn an income from, but without all the stress.....Just money flowing into your Paypal account, every time one of your customers spend in-store.


Even if you just have a few golfing friends, or belong to a small golfing society its fine, JOIN UP.

You can make some cash and your friends can all save money too.

If however, you are active on social media, and a member in golfing groups, bigger societies, forums and blogs its even better for you.... you can make yourself a fair bit of cash by getting all those golfing contacts involved..... There is NO COST TO YOU AND NO RISK INVOLVED.....our software tracks the activity from your friends visits and purchases, via your affiliates account (which you can keep up to date with on your own account dashboard), and you get paid FAST.


The more you spread the word....... the more you promote...... the more you will earn, its that simple.

Say you send 10 golfing chums here (using your own personal link)..............each spends just £100.00 on new kit during the season (we all buy something dont we), that's £1000.00 spent in total, and you earn £100.00 cash commission for yourself, by just suggesting they shop here..... at'(your branded link).


In a earn a 10% commission, paid into your Paypal account, from any and every purchase that is made by someone that you refer to our website.

So.......say your mate Bob wants a driver, you send him here, he buys one for £100.00 you get paid £10.00.... and your other mate Pat wants a set of irons, you send him here and he buys a set for £200.00..... you get £20.00.....easy.

What if your mate Terry wants a full set......and has £500.00 to spend?



Amazon, the E-commerce giant pioneered affiliate marketing, its wildly successful, and straightforward to be involved with.

After registering as an affiliate on the Amazon website, individual website owners review Amazon books, and provide a link to the actual book on the Amazon site. If the book is purchased by the visitor, the affiliate (website owner and book reviewer) receives a commission payment from Amazon in return.



In partnership with AFFILO and, using their seamless affiliate software, we would like to invite you to participate with us in this win-win situation.

All you have to do is join the affiliate program by using the SIGN UP form, and you are in.



There are just 3 easy steps.

Once you fill out the short Affiliate sign up form you will be asked to verify the account to finish the registration. This 'verify account' link can be found in an email from us... an email that has been sent to the email address you provided on the affiliate form you filled in..

  1. IMPORTANT.......when you click the 'verify' link (the link that you find in your email inbox to confirm your registration), you will be directed straight to your own personal dashboard.
  2. DASHBOARD......On that dashboard, near the top-middle left hand side, you will see a box with 'your personal' Branded Link contained in it. This URL (web address) is the URL you give to all the people you send to our site. This link tells our software that these are YOUR customers......... so that when they click it and visit us, all purchases made by them are registered to your account. Ensuring that all commissions can be paid correctly to you.
  3. The 'Account & Settings' link directs you to the page where you can add/connect any or all of your social media accounts, and your own website details if you have one. By connecting your own social media accounts you increase your own customer base, and so increase the money you earn.......You can promote your personal  'Branded Link'..... anywhere you like..


 Please watch the video to see how it works.




As mentioned earlier, you will earn a commission of 10% of the items purchase price (excluding any courier charge if included) in cash.

The amount is paid into your Paypal account, for every purchase made by someone referred to our website, from your introduction via your 'Branded Link'....any 'golfing buddy' you have, can earn you cash.

If you are already a newsletter subscriber, and wish to encourage golfing pals to shop with us (through you), you can even give them the discount codes that you yourself use to save money when you buy something (these can be found in your email inbox, contained in any newsletter from us, back to Nov 2019).


You see, we all win.

The commission payments from the purchases made by your friends and acquaintances, are paid into your Paypal account, on the 15th of every month.

We look forward to working with you, it should be come and JOIN IN NOW.



Best regards



P.S If you have any questions, please dont hesitate to ask by using the contact form below.