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Articles....fresh ideas to help your golf game, straight from the sweetspot


My name is Mark Holloway and welcome to my blog page.

The articles on this page, are aimed at the golfer who is struggling to break through a scoring plateau, or for those, who feel they aren’t getting the rewards they want from their practice.

There are new ideas in each of the posts, which have been compiled from a diary I kept over my months of intense practise.

I recorded the things that just didn’t work well for me, and what I did instead that worked so much better.

I hope you find some benefit from them.





'despite many years of playing, and practicing methods and ideas from the most respected sources, understanding how my body 'learnt', was the crucial factor that allowed me to improve so quickly' more!




I began to do a bit of research and I came across an old time Canadian Neuropsychologist called Donald Olding Hebb. Who, waaaay back in 1949 coined a phrase that has stood the test of time….. it is ‘neurons that fire together wire together’ more!





When striking improves, a golfers confidence increases, and when that grows, so does the optimism that the next shot will be as more!




 There is no 'mindfulness' with this task, we dont need to be consciously present, or in tune with the process, because there is hardly any reasoning input needed...............unless! more!





Jordan Spieth 2017 Open Champion
Jordan Spieth 2017 Open Champion


...the ‘zone’ is an emotional state, made up of a complex mix of brain chemicals....? Can you enter that ideal state at will.... or not.... read more?